Greater Things

Extended Play Record

David Hayne

Greater Things has had many different meanings for me. I don’t think there is one. The meaning of the song is diverse in every way, maybe even dualistic. The EP, which revolves around this one song, evolves every second I think about it – and the conversations with God through this are getting more profound every time. 

I’ve been coping with the fear of losing people my whole life. Everyone knows this fear in a way, and everyone reacts to it differently. I’ve tried so many methods: from trying to be a grown-up, to being indifferent, being different. Getting to aclnowledge and know Jesus was a BIG step into inner healing from this fear. There is no need to fear the need of losing people, if your Savior truly never leaves you. He is always there for me and there is nothing that can seperate me from Him. He is the one that made me realize that there are greater things than the fears that surround me.

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In the end, the journey is one that can only be walked by me and He will set people for me on this path to walk with me for a few miles. They are a part of the journey, yet this not something I am dependant on. He has planned greater things for me than that which I’ve seen so far, even the things that may seem out of reach or even invisible to my eyes – they’re coming nonetheless.

Photography: Jelte Bergwerff