BLOG: releases and realizations (music inside!)

First of all, for my Dutch readers: my friend Jelte and I have started a Podcast to both cope with quarantine and to have some fun together. Trying something new while being pretty stereotypical at the same time. You should give it a listen! We go live every thursday/friday at 12PM, so you can even send in questions or comments.

Heya everybody! How is everyone doing? I am doing good.

I’m so done with quarantine. No really.

To prove to you how done I actually am: I’ve made a TikTok. Yes. It never went online because it was part of a birthday message. They expected me to dance. Why do people expect me to dance? I think I already proved that I’m bad at dancing. So I decided to just do it anyway and to put a small compilation on my website afterwards. Because, why not? Props to a good friend of mine, Adrianne, who aided me in this adventurous endevour.

I am not sorry for the people that don’t speak Dutch. Let’s just say it both adds to the fun as to the fact that it’s not interesting at all. ‘Thank you’ texts are appreciated.

Life’s been good and God’s been good to me. He provided me with a job during quarantine, since my old job couldn’t offer me any hours because it’s dependent on personal contact (I visit customers door-by-door. Not really working right now, innit?) And as such I am delivering packages to people while keeping safe distance; and I am still able to travel. Hallelujah!

Meanwhile I’ve been watching way too much Netflix and Disney+, YouTube and I have had way too much useless times together and so on. I’ve seen every corner in my 20 square meters of living space and nothing interesting happens in my surroundings.

Long rant short: quarantine is been amazing so far (/s).

There have been many blessings during this time though! I have been working on my music on most days and during all this I’ve had the opportunity of working with a lot of different people on a little experiment for my new album/EP. I am writing an introduction that involves other people’s participation and it looks really good as of right now. If it continues like this, it might actually make it to the final album/EP!

Maybe you’ve been wondering what the album is about, so let me give you a small piece of information to keep your curiosity satisfied: the songs will be christian, and focussed around John 14:12-14

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

John 14:12-14 NIV

The perspective I want to share through this will be written down and released at the same time as this album/EP, and you’ll find it on this website! The songs itself will be released on various platforms, some of which are Youtube and Spotify.

I am so stoked to share this album/EP with you guys! The demos are finished, which means that the actual final recordings aren’t far off. I got to work with Crib Music Official, a project of Niels Wiegman from the Conservatory of ArtEZ Zwolle. I’ve known him for a long time now and it’s great that our friendship got blessed with this project.

There isn’t much more I can share as of right now, concerning the album/EP, but I am so stoked that I got to at least share this!

I hope everyone is doing well. Right now, it’s the king’s birthday in the Netherlands and during this day I get confronted by the sovereignty of our King Most high. I’ve actually written a small piece with my buddy Jelte Bergwerff about God’s sovereignty!

Perfectly At Ease is a song that enbodies our trust in God’s sovereignty during trouble.

I honestly love this song. This is one of the first songs I’ve written with Jelte where I feel like our personal writing styles merge with eachother. It talks about trusting God’s sovereignty during trouble. I love what it says in Job: ‘trouble will come’, because it does! Storms hit our life, but God’s love is like a holiday retreat during all of this. It doesn’t have to be more difficult than what He allows. Fun fact: this was recorded in our kitchen that is actually way too small.

During this, I am also confronted with the fact that I can’t share my love and devotion for Him by constantly playing music and singing, due to honoring my neigbours: everyone is at home and easily aggrivated. I start to see more and more how difficult it is to keep everyone happy at the same time. And I didn’t think this would be a problem, apperently it is. Please keep honoring each other. Take care of each other. Even when it’s difficult. My buddy Jelte (check out his work in Photography, the talent is real) showed me how sacrificing our own personal way of loving God, is a way of honoring our neighbours and as such honoring God. Maybe there is hardship for you during this time concerning the way you and God have had your times together. Maybe you found itthrough friends, or traveling, or music, or whatever. Know that He and you will find a way together. Don’t despair! He is good! Please pray for me concerning this, I need wisdom and peace. I am partially writing this for myself, haha.

It’s difficult to temporarily lose what you love, but at the same time I don’t think you signed up for life if you didn’t want to lose that what you love. It’s part of the journey. The question is: are you going to accept that you need to adapt? Or are you trying to hold on to the life you had before COVID-19 began? Some people call this time the ‘new normal’, and others hope for ‘COVID to be over’. I think the latter isn’t right, and I also don’t think that there is such a thing as ‘normal’. In the Netherlands we have this saying: ‘Be normal, you’re crazy enough that way’. I think it’s neither wise nor true, I think it should be: “be crazy, you’re normal enough that way”. Life is crazy. It will always be. We were so accustomed to our life: we’ve never experienced war nor famime, western distress is still luxury. Welcome to the real life, folks.

I love how I got to reconnect with so many people during this time. Technology is a blessing and I’ve had amazing conversations from people out of the NL, USA, Japan, New Zealand and other places. And one thing I hear consecutively is this: everyone’s life is been put on a standstill, meaning that everyone is reevaluating life. What we did wasn’t as normal as we assumed it was and the same goes about your personal identity. God becomes a more important subject now! People are even searching for words like ‘rest’, ‘peace’, ‘Jesus’ and ‘love’ more than before COVID-19.

There is a shift happening. And I know how we’ve been praying for revival, but I didn’t think people would resurrect in this way. You need to die to live though. Strange, heavy and supernatural concept.

Who knows what God has in store for us? Who knows when we will be able to go to the nations, who knows when we can return to our.. normal?.. life.

But it’s good to be where you are, and honestly; you don’t need to be anywhere else.

I am honestly missing the traveling and I miss all the different people. I miss evangelizing on the streets. I miss worshipping Jesus in our church buildings, and much more. But one thing is for sure: if God thought we’d need that right now, He would’ve given it. And in some cases He still does. We’ve got online services, some people are still evangelizing and we can still ZOOM, Skype or FaceTime eachother. It’s just not how we expected it to be. Nothing with God is how we expect it to be. But He provided so much! Hallelujah.

Keep it UP // Raw and Live // David de Haan

This song was supposed to be a draft demo, and is most likely going to be on the album/EP (as a re-take). Nonetheless, I’ve decided to just release this song. Because I honestly love this song. Mostly because it’s partially convicting when I sing this and hear this song. The song talks about the road of life changing decisions. Not seeing the outcome, nor having the understanding for it. But boi, this song is so positive. It is filled with so much love from God. Although it isn’t strictly Christian in nature, it is however filled with Jesus’ DNA all over. I highly recommed giving it a listen!

Call me an optimist, I’ll call myself a follower of Jesus. All the same.

I got reminded of this one passage concerning all of my christian family that I got to be in touch with during COVID-19:

I always thank my God when I pray for you, (…), because I keep hearing about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all of God’s people. And I am praying that you will put into action the generosity that comes from your faith as you understand and experience all the good things we have in Christ.
Your love has given me much joy and comfort, (…), for your comfort has often refreshed the hearts of God’s people.

Philemon v. 4:7 NLT

Thank you for your love. for aiding me in prayer, you’re amazing. This is one of the reasons why the Body exists: to encourage, love and lift up. It’s what gives me so much joy and strength during COVID-19. It’s my slingshot to slay the giant. So let those pagan Philistine giants come. We’ll defeat them for the LORD.

Those who got the reference, good job. You’re officially a Bible nerd now.

All in all I can say I’ve been pretty busy, even in quarantine. No worries: I feel so restful. Thanks for all the prayers! All the love! Please pray for peace and open doors! If you need any prayers yourself, please hit me up!

Oh, by the way: one of the songs that I wrote in New Zealand got released on my base’s Spotify. Even though the song has evolved since then, I still want to share it with all of you: