BLOG: indoor outreach (EN)

Heya you beautiful people. It has been a while, hasn’t it? I wanted to talk with you about my re-entry, what I am doing and what I hope to achieve over the next few months. But first let me take this moment to express my utmost love to you all. For all the people that I have said goodbye to a few months ago: I miss you all. And I pray for you. Words can’t express the change you all made in my humbled life.

So, Corona ey. It’s something. You don’t expect this stuff to happen when you’re finally adjusted back to your old home! The adventure never ceases I guess. Let’s start with the bright side of this story, my re-entry:

It has been great coming back. I can’t say that was the expectation when I was still in New Zealand: I wanted to stay there so bad haha! But God has His ways of disturbing your comfort zone and desires, and He asked me to turn back to The Netherlands. Apperently there was some reconcilliation and conviction to be a part of. And although I wasn’t exactly hyped to get back, I do realise that I don’t want to be somewhere He doesn’t want me to be. Wherever He sends you is where you will learn the most, notice Him the best and participate most efficient in His plan.

I got to stay with my family for a while, which made me love them even more than I already did. I noticed how much I really need them in the time I was gone, so this time was a dream. But I am glad to be living on my own again, together with some of my dearest friends. That too has been a blessing, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

God sent me back to my old job, and I have been working there eversince. In that time I got to minister to people so well, sharing them the love that Jesus gave me. The craziest stories came out of the time I was drinking coffee and connecting television cables. I got to minister to one of our brothers within the company, which was amazing too.

But yea, there isn’t really a lot to do due to the Coronavirus. That stuff has really gripped this nation, and the world in general. People are scared and depressed, stuck in their homes. The elderly can’t even have visitors anymore. People hoard food from supermarkets, and the government has created a physical distance to people. People do try to take care for eachother, and us Christians finally start to understand what it means to be a Church when Karen and Philip can’t go to a normal sundayservice no more. God moves me and my friends to do evangelism, prayer and intercession for the nation. That has been beautiful. I pray that this stays when the Coronavirus is under control.

One thing that I notice in this country, is that people turn to themselves to fix a problem that is only fixable by the power of the Lord Almighty. This spirit of Humanism is really having a grip on this country. Please pray for release. I am sure that my country isn’t the only one that is burdened by this.

In this time I learn that this is a time of reassurance, rest and trust in provision. I don’t have any income as of this moment. But I know that He will provide. And I get the much-needed time to just enjoy. I get to work on my songs, and as such I can be found in the studios weekly.

As it looks right now, we’ll record over the next few months and release the songs at the beginning of the summer. Maybe even earlier. Who knows. But it’s great: we’re gonna do three live sessions of originals, and they will be put on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Meanwhile I am writing new originals with multiple artists.

So to get to some prayer requests:
Please pray for a release of funds for the songs, and for open doors considering the musicians. I also need money for the rent. I believe He will provide, so I am not worried. But I do need money and guidance. I am also thinking about the next steps concerning ministry work, and I could really use some wisdom. Please keep me in your prayers as I keep you in mine!

Bless and love from The Netherlands,


I got a question about my view on humanism, and in what context I was stating that my country needs prayer on that matter.

Let me start by saying this: there is nothing wrong with trying to be a good person. It’s beautiful how we are looking to aid eachother in times like these. Please do! Help your neighbour in whatever matter: from a smile to getting groceries. It’s extraordinary how rough times bring out the best in people.

I do question why we try to fix everything ourselves. Especially here in Northwestern Europe, where people live in the dream that everything is mallable. As such there is a lot of egocentric opportunism and scepticism. We don’t really get rough times such as earthquakes, typhoons, food shortages or plagues. This is the first time in a long time that the Dutch bubble has been popped and we get confronted with how small we truly are. And sometimes I see people try and strive, as if they are the saviors. This is a thing that happens often in western society, so I am not surprised.

But we are no saviors. We will become survivors.

People, look unto God. He is your salvation. He crowns you into saviors.

So, again: help eachother. But don’t depend on yourself. Trust others, and God above all. And wash your hands. Keep your distance physically, but tread closer to your Maker and your neighbour.

I love you all.